Camera purchase and accessories




CANON -The mega classics from Japan, from the 60s to the present leader in the professional field. Cult status for Canon Bestseller AE-1 and the fully mechanical F1 alt. With a huge selection of classic and modern top lenses.





LEICA / LEITZ – Timeless classic premium products, from the german manufacturer Leica, now again resident in Wetzlar where it all started. Exclusivity, perfect manufacturing quality and optical performance, the uncomparable feeling…where all reasoning comes to an end.

Leica M lenses und cameras and accessories

Leica R lenses

Leica M39 M-39 lenses und cameras and accessories

Leica LTM  lenses und cameras and accessories

Leica screwmount lenses und cameras and accessories

Leica Barnack-Type

Leica accessories

Leica binoculars

Leica Leitz enlarger V35 und Focomat IIc

Leitz binocular


LARGE FORMATE – Equipment of all large formate premium brands 4×5 and 13×18 / 5×7 and 8×10 / 18×24 /18×25 and 30×40, foldable Technika or optical bank, shutters, lens boards, rangefinder cams and others.



MEDIUM FORMATE – From the classic medium formate brands and formates 4,5×6 to 6×9 you find a large variety, including lenses by Zeiss and Schneider as Distagon Planar Apo-Teletessar Sonnyr Xenotar and so on.

Mamiya RB und RZ

Mamiya 6 + 7 II

Master Technika Classic 2000 3000

Mess-Sucher cameras und lenses and accessories

Military Marine binoculars

Minolta binoculars

Minolta MD MC lenses fixed focal length

Minolta XM

Minolta light meters, exposure meters, scanner

Minox 8×11 cameras and accessories

Minox binoculars




NIKON – The legendary japanese brands, many models now mega-classics. The numbers 1 and 2 for professionals from 1960ies to today. With an enormous variety of classic and modern premium lenses.



Olympus Pentax Minolta Contax – Unforgotten classics and still fine usable photographic machines if in top condition; sometimes innovative, sometimes the most compact and sohisticated and not to forget the largest and most versatile micro macro scientific system of ist time in the Olympus OM system.

Olympus OM lenses fixed focal length

Optolyth binoculars











Ultravid binocular




Voigtländer Prominent

Voigtländer lenses





ZEISS – Endless is the list of the famous nearly always premium products of the various Zeiss Ikon, Carl Zeiss Jena, Zeiss West Germany and Japan branches.