our contribution to the environment

An internet shop without any packaging material?

This will probably always remain a dream, and your orders should arrive safely at your place. However, we strive to use environmentally friendly packaging material as much as possible, and wherever feasible to do without plastic.

At 95% we use recyclable new packaging material such as cardboard, paper and flopak green flakes; 5% already used clean packaging material that has reached us with deliveries.

Since 2017, we do not place accompanying papers, etc. in plastic ziplock bags, but in paper sandwich bags. Only the bubble wrap for primary wrapping the high-quality equipment remains indispensable for the time being.

If you also want to help reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans, keep our bubble wrap and padded envelopes and use them again. And suggest to your local supermarket that paper bags are available for fruit and vegetables instead of the tiresome plastic bags. Or you can bring your own paper bags with you and leave them already packed in plastic.

Here is the link where we get our paper bags for fruit and vegetable shopping (and other products such as paper bags for organic waste):