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LEICA / LEITZ – Timeless, classic products from the German premium manufacturer in Wetzlar; Exclusivity, perfect workmanship, functionality and optical performance, combined with incomparable feel and charisma; the myth of the very special

If you can’t get past an analog camera, then it’s the premium products from Leica. THE forerunner and founder of the 35 mm camera, starting with the Leica pilot series and Ia Anastigmat, Hektor and Compur.

The classics of the M-Leica, such as the M2, M3, M4, M4-2, M4-P, M5, M6 TTL, M6J, M7, MP, exude an unbroken fascination with perfection; also in black lacquer. Whether as high-class user devices with tactile fascination or top-class collector’s items; numerous also in limited editions such as LHSA, Platinum, Columbus, Dragon, Brunai, Thailand, Millennium, Safari, Leitz-Park, Schmidt, Traveler, Republic of China. The perfect complement to the Leica, also to the R-Leica, the numerous extraordinary lenses in excellent workmanship and product quality, as well as some unsurpassed optical performance, such as Summicron, Elmar, Summar, Summitar, Hektor, Thambar, Elmarit, Tri-Elmar, Hologon. The models in the Summilux, Noctilux and Summarex series are particularly bright. The most popular focal lengths are 35, 50 and 75. But all the others, such as 15, 18, 21, 24, 28, 90 and 135 mm are a perfect addition to the Leica.
The Heliar and APO lenses from Voigtländer, as well as the Zeiss series Biogon, Planar, Distagon, Superachromat, Tele-Apotessar are also outstanding classics in small as well as in medium and large format.

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